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I'm an army wife, working mom of 2 kids.! My husband Tim is a Soldier In the army. I work for MWR for the Community Recreation Division as an admin assistant...I absolutely LOVE my job I couldn't have found anything better! My daughter, Kennedie, was born in January of 04 and our son, Cale, was born June of 09 - that's right they are 5 and a half years apart! Kennedie is VERY involved in dancing, she is in her 9th season (2017-2018) of being a competitive dancer. It's exhausting but we LOVE it. Cale is starting to REALLY get into sports. He is on a year round wrestling team, and he plays baseball in the spring! This blog started out as a recipe sharing venture but now it's going to turn into a more "granola" way to live. Cheap recipes more homemade recipes and repurposing things. I'm a crafter at heart so i'm going to throw some of that in their too! On Valentines Day of 2017 we bought our first Travel Trailer. I'll be documenting our travels also on this blog!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Trees for Troops - Fort Benning 2018

This is my favorite event that my work puts on.  I LOVE volunteering to work it.
 Families from all over the country donate trees to "The Christmas Spirit Foundation" and then fedex ships them to Military Installations.  This year we received 500 trees to distribute.  Some years we have gotten 800-900.
 It's a fun event to work because I get to wear my christmas finest.  This year I choose a reindeer theme.
 I wore my reindeer lularoes that I got last year.  With my sparkle red toms.  I had a great soft brown dress I wore with it.  I thought I looked quite cute/festive!
 My husband facetimed me for his daily good morning call (since he is still gone, we don't do this when he is home).  He chuckled when he answered the phone and was dressed like this!
 Been working with John for 10 years.  We laughed because the sun hitting his name tag shining on his teeth made it look like an Orbit gum commercial.
I brought this hat because I didn't know how cold it would be.  I ended up just wearing it because it was so freakin cute! 
Oh man the truck finally got here.  It was stuck at the gate because it was graduation day for the basic trainee's, and there was ALOT of traffic.  Then on the 3 miles it takes to get from the gate to the field, he broke down.  They got him going again, and once on the field his truck just sank in the grass. He was spinning tires.  You can tell that they tried to pull him out but that didn't work.  So any of the detail or an employee that came with a truck rallied and we filled up all the beds and drove them to the set up point.
 I usually take Tim's truck this event because I'm taking a tree home or a friend without a truck's tree to their house when it's over. I was so thankful we had it today.
 Offloading the trees.
 We stand them up along the fencing and that's how the soldiers/family members pick them.  But they can't open them from the bundling.  It's kinda a surprise how they look when you get them home.
 Alot of fedex workers show up to help offload and carry trees to cars.
 Anther load in Tim's truck.
I mean because why not?  I love being festive!

Monday, December 3, 2018

First Wrestling Tournament of the Season!!

It was our first wrestling tournament of the season in Gainesville last Saturday.  It was great for our team but unfortunately Cale let some kids get in his head and he couldn't pull out a win.

 We actually left the house at 345 (intent was to leave at 4, but once I got up and got dressed and got all the stuff that I couldn't put in the car the night before, it was quicker than I anticipated.)  GPS Said it would take about 3 hours to get there, but there was NO traffic being as it was so early, I got there about 30 minutes early.  Typically if it's over a 2 hour drive we drive up the night before.  But because Daddy is gone I can't leave the 14 year old at home by herself overnight.  I turned her phone volume up and made sure her alarm was on.  Thankfully she is responsible and got up when she needed to be for her ride to dance to get her.
 We have put some MILES on my flex.  It's a 2010 bought in 2011 with 24,000 miles on it.  I currently am sitting at 210,000 miles!  It's been a reliable car, and we have only had to put about $2000 in work in it so far.  Now I don't count tires in that as it's wear and tear but since they are lo-pro's they get changed OFTEN!  Any way - my passenger light will pop on and off as I'm driving.  Now I have no idea how long I was driving without both headlights on, as there was street lights on over head.  It wasn't until I was on this stretch of road that I realized I wasn't seeing as far with my lights as I should.  I turned my fog lights off and I was completely dark.  We were going to the same wrestling tournament as our mechanic so I knew he was awake and on the road ahead of us, I called him and let him know what was going on and he said he had basic tools in the car and would take a look at it once we got the boys weighed in.
In the mean time I messed with the switch in the dashboard, flipped them on and off and they both popped back on.  So he knows what the problem is and he said it's an easy fix.  Phew!
 After I got them back on!  Look how much of the road I was missing when no other cars were around!  Add on top of that I'm night blind with no depth perception.  YIKES!
 We got into the venue and got him weighed in at 69.0 (registered for 70), did his skin check and I was able to let him eat his breakfast.  They were having technical difficulties, and he had a BYE in his first round, so he had a while to wait so he was watching Netflix downloads.
 Ready to warm up with his team!  We love the new singlets they have this year!
 They had Mike Krauss run the warm up.  It was cool to see all the different wrestlers come together and do a warm up together.
 My wrestling mom buddies!
 Cale and Mrs. Horne (no he doesn't have a skin infection - he has a BAD chapped lip that he keeps licking!) Mrs. Horne was his daycare provider when he started at the daycare center when he was 6 weeks old till he was 3 and we left for Texas.  They have an amazing bond, she was SO EXCITED when we found out we were coming back to Georgia!  She adopted two boys (that have been in her foster care for 2 or 3 years) and they started wrestling this year so she will get to see Cale wrestle in his tournaments too!  She's a god send to us!
 We knew bad storms were coming through the area.  It was raining on the inside of the door, and it was puddling right where we were sitting.
 Cale and Boi cheering on a teammate!
 I didn't get a picture of the three cousins - but here is Cale and Boi again.
 Waiting for his first match.
 Cousins really care about each other.  He was angry he lost his first match and she went over to talk to him and cheer him up.
I just don't understand people.  I was sitting there and she comes up and stands RIGHT in front of me. Ugh, thankfully my kid wasn't wrestling.
 This is the my favorite picture of the tournament.  He was praying before his second match.  I'm framing this and putting a "wrestlers prayer" with it.
 Ugh the pain of a loss.  It's life lessons though.  He let the other kid get in his head and it messed with him. He should have easily beaten him. 
 On to another day, we will get it next time.  You win some, you lose some.
Look how big our team got this year!!! 
Where we were 1 year ago vs this year.  Same venue same tournament.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Stitch Fix Box!!

I saw a special in my email from Stitch Fix about them waiving the styling fee for a box that was scheduled within the next 60 days.  So I scheduled one for 30 days later.  I got 5 great things and I wish I would have been able to afford to keep all 5 at $198 with the discount. 

This is real life here people.  Normally I try to take pictures as I wear them, but I knew a lot of these had to be returned, so I didn't have that luxury.  So you get at the end of the day with the leggings I wore to shuffle my kids to activities with and my hair in a crazy pony tail and no makeup!

 I wore this shirt to work today.  It was a very light and airy I LOVED it.  Keep $36.
 While this dolman top was super soft, I just didn't like the fit.  Send back $58.
 I like the style and color of this top, I loved the gold details as well.  The elastic on the sleeves bugged me enough just wearing it for a little bit that it would annoy me at work before the end of the day.  Send back $44.
 The material is very soft on this cardigan, but do I need another basic black cardigan?  Send back $38.
 I loved the style of these jeans.  Here is where I had a "duh" moment with this box.  I TOTALLY forgot to change my style profile to reflect my recent weight loss.  So these pants were HUGE on me.  BUT since the last time I have done Stitch Fix they offer an exchange for a size option.  I emailed the company because I was worried that once I exchanged and tried them on I would be stuck with $88 jeans that I didn't like the look on me of.  But thankfully if once I get the replacement size I don't like the fit on me I CAN send them back for a full refund.  Now I don't know how it works when you keep a whole box and receive your exchange and you decide to send them back.  I assume they would deduct 25% from the original price.  For now Keep $88.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

We had a great weekend celebrating Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season!!  We didn't get to celebrate in person with daddy - but he was with army family in Colorado with one of the other dads of our Ohana.  Somehow that made it easier to get through a holiday without him because I knew he was with family.  Though in the grand scheme of things he has been with us ALOT of holidays lately, and in most army families sometimes it's not a big deal to miss a holiday every once in a while - we are fortunate to get our soldiers for ANY holiday.
 My ladies!  Incase anyone was wondering I'm the "Rose" of the group! :P
 Our Ohana minus two of the daddies, but we facetimed with them during our dinner while they were at their dinner in Colorado!  There is two extra families.  20 kids total!  They out number us!
 After dinner it was time to go home and break out the Christmas clothes for Black Friday shopping!  I got this hat last year on clearance and he was so excited to try it on!
 I got to break out my Christmas lularoes!!!  I LOVE THESE ONES!!
 The tradition in our family is that you have to be middle school to be able to go Black Friday shopping, AND you must wear your Christmas finest!  I had enough LLR leggings for all 5 of us, I'm not even ashamed!  I never got a full picture of our group!
 Cousins!  This is where Kennedie says "are we done after this store!?"
 The moms went back out at 6am Friday morning and the kids slept in.  We came home around 10 after hitting a couple stores and made breakfast tacos.  After a quick nap and the "Christmas Chronicles" movie on Netflix I started the Christmas cookies.  We let them cut out two cookies a piece and then I got the rest done, and in the oven.  Once they were cooled Dusty and her daughter made the royal icing.
 I know our 6 kids well, they will fight over what cookies they are decorating and it ruins the fun!  So I didn't let them choose we mostly had 5 of each so it was pretty easy and they didn't complain when they realized I picked for them.  I put the sprinkles in bowls and we let them go to town!

 There was two extra cookies so Dusty and myself got to decorate one.  Royal icing is no joke, I normally work with buttercream so I used a little too much - oops!
 Everyone hard at work!

 Kennedie's cookies.
 Cale's plus my candy cane cookie.
 Saturday morning we laid around until about 11 when we packed up to run some errands and then went to see the Grinch.  On our way to the movies this guy facetimed us! (yes I'm in a parking lot talking not on the road!)
 I got to wear my new LLR shirt to the movies!  I got it from a going out of business sale for less than $10!!!  I love it!  We are at the Grinch waiting for the movie to start!
Also on Friday afternoon my new Christmas Tom's came in!  I wore them Saturday!  They are even glow in the dark!!  Today we are getting all the Christmas Decorations out of the shed and hopefully getting our tree up!  The star at the top will have to wait for daddy to come home.  Him and Kennedie always put it at the top!  (I have a picture of it every year!)