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I'm an army wife, working mom of 2 kids.! My husband Tim is a Soldier on Fort Benning. I work for MWR for the Community Recreation Division as an admin assistant...I absolutely LOVE my job I couldn't have found anything better! My daughter, Kennedie, was born in January of 04 and our son, Cale, was born June of 09 - that's right they are 5 and a half years apart! Kennedie is VERY involved in dancing, she is in her 9th season (2017-2018) of being a competitive dancer. It's exhausting but we LOVE it. Cale is starting to REALLY get into sports. He is on a year round wrestling team, and he plays baseball in the spring! This blog started out as a recipe sharing venture but now it's going to turn into a more "granola" way to live. Cheap recipes more homemade recipes and repurposing things. I'm a crafter at heart so i'm going to throw some of that in their too! On Valentines Day of 2017 we bought our first Travel Trailer. I'll be documenting our travels also on this blog!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Have you heard of Clothes Mentor?

I stumbled upon the local Clothes Mentor store a few years ago, I saw the sign and thought "hmmm I wonder what that store is" but kept on driving.  I googled it later that afternoon, forwarded the link to my friend and said "lets check it out this week!!!"  Ever since it's our go to place for shopping.  Anytime anyone of my friends comes and visits me I make them go, yeah I'm that excited about it!

Clothes Mentor is basically a high end thrift store.  Only difference is that most of the clothes are purchased from people cleaning out there closets and then re-sold.  They will ONLY purchase clothes that were sold in retail stores within the last 2 years.  All these clothes are in fashion, you won't happen upon someone's old clothes that are stained, ripped, or from earlier decades.  It's all stuff that is still in fashion NOW!  I like to sell my clothes there before I donate them.  They will give you cash for your clothes or they will give you more money if you use store credit.  I always find something in there so I always opt for the store credit.

I have an obsession with Lilly Pulitzer.  (I told you I'm a basic southern white girl!)  I don't have the bank account to cash roll full price Lilly.  Clothes Mentor has Lilly Shorts for $22-$25, normally brand new Lilly P shorts go for $69!!!!! 

Are you a purse snob?  Only like the Dooney and Burke, Coach, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade?  Check out Clothes Mentor!!!  Seriously purses are 70% lower than what they are sold for in the stores brand new!  Half the time you can't even tell that the purse has been used!!!

They have all sorts of normally expensive designer brands for normal people's budget.  Or if you just like being frugal this is your spot!!!  Every $200 you spend you get a 20% off your purchase coupon!!! Like WHAT!!!!  YAAAASSSSS

We even scope out other Clothes Mentor's when we travel.  This is my daughter and me at the Clothes Mentor in Savannah, GA. 

My friend Lisa came to visit and she is like me, likes the look but doesn't want to pay the price.  Normally if I can get a friend in there and they purchase I have them apply their purchase to my "account", but in Lisa's case there was a local to her Clothes Mentor under construction in her area!!  So she made her own "account" and by the time her Clothes Mentor opened she already had a 20% off coupon waiting to be used!  She even found a great pair of Lilly shorts for me and mailed them to me!
Shoes!!  All but the white pair of Converse were purchased at Clothes Mentor for $18 a pair!  My white pair cost me $63 (I wear them all the time and it was my mothers day present or I wouldn't have replaced my old dingy white pair until I found a white pair at CM)  They were practically brand new (obviously in this picture the silver ones are WELL worn!!)!!!

Ya'll seriously if you have a Clothes Mentor near you, you owe it to yourself to atleast check it out!  You may not find anything your first time, give it a couple chances, you'll thank me later!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Nadine West - Box 4

These boxes are still going strong! I love the clothes I'm getting.  Again I wrote I would rather prefer clothes over jewelry and they delivered again!
 Right out of the bag I knew Kennedie would dig this shirt.  It fits her great! Keep.
I was iffy about these shorts when I pulled them out.  They are SO comfortable! (and yes this is what a mom of 2 looks like after sitting in wrestling practice for two and a half hours with no A/C in Georgia, looks like when she gets home.) Keep.

I love these types of dresses, I can wear them with my Lularoe leggings and it becomes work appropriate! Best of all IT HAS POCKETS!!!!! Keep.
 Full length of the dress and my leggings.

I am totally digging shirts with fun necklines.  This is a great basic grey and can be worn with LOTS of different pants. Keep.
Total price for everything is $100.18. I can't wait for my next box!!  Here are my previous boxes.

Blue Springs State Park - Second Stay

 Decided to go to Blue Springs State Park for a third time this weekend.  It was our second time camping at the park.  We got the same spot which was nice because we loved it so much last time!  It's a quick hour and a half drive from our house so we packed up after work Friday night and got there about 7:15 Alabama time (8:15 our time).  Set up camp and went to bed. 

 After we ate breakfast we hung out outside and the boys set up targets to shoot the bb gun.

 We headed into the springs around 830.  We texted all our Ohana that the weather looked like it was going to be good and they should head over!

 I've been trying to finish the "Handmaids Tale" book for about a month so I was able to read a lot while the boys played in the water.  Kennedie decided she would rather read than play in the water.
 We heard thunder for a while before the rain actually started.  We drug all the stuff we didn't want to get wet to a shelter and waited till it stopped (only about 45 minutes) and right before the rest of our Ohana showed up.  The kids played in the water until about 6ish (when the springs part closes) and then we headed back to the trailer with everyone.  We grilled up the second set of burgers and hot dogs and we ate again and made s'mores.

Two of the four families left around 930 and the rest of us got ready for bed. 
  Our camper was full again.  On the table bed there was at one point 4 kids.  Cale ended up coming to the bed and he slept next to me.  The rest of the other family slept in their car.  At some point Tim had a sinus headache "attack" and was outside trying to get rid of it, and Kennedie crawled into bed.  He came back in when his medicine finally kicked in and instead of moving the 14 year old he went and slept in my gravity chair outside.  When we woke up the next morning he said "it was actually pretty comfortable and the mosquito's and flies weren't attacking me".
 Since this campground has no WiFi and NO cell signal the kids are forced to come up with other ways to entertain themselves, and talk to each other. While the adults were cooking breakfast they were playing cards at the picnic table.

None of the kids wanted to leave without getting in the water one last time.  So we let them hop in and swim for about another hour or so.  We love this state park.  It's relatively inexpensive to stay ($55 for two nights, and if you are retired or active duty military you and your family get in for free!) and it's not far from our house!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Washington State Vacation Day 8 (Last Day)

On Day 8, our last day in Washington, we had driven into Moses Lake the night before and then driven the rest of the way into Seattle the morning of the 3rd.  But first I had to stop at my favorite store on the way.  Thorp's has my favorite fruit logs and I haven't had them in YEARS.

We stopped for a snack and saw an outlet mall that had a Maurice's in it (our local one closed down last year so I made the family go stop for that store), as I was backing out of the parking lot I saw a glimpse of the Nintendo logo - drove toward it and it was some sort of Nintendo Plant.  Not sure exactly what it was but the kids were excited!!

 We arrived into Seattle about 11am and went straight into downtown.  I thought coming into Seattle on a Tuesday morning would mean less crowds, but what I forgot to factor in, is that it was the day before a holiday. 
 Coming into Seattle.  These houses are just stacked one on top of another!!
 Finally found a parking lot. Just as we walked to the market!!!

 Tim's favorite place to stop is the Pikes Place Brewery.
 In the four years we lived there I had NO idea there was a gum wall.  We went to the market quiet often too!!  You'd be surprised what the maps app can bring up!

 We combined all the gum into one piece.

 Our contribution to the Gum Wall!! 
 So much gum!!!!!
 This is the famous flying fish guys.  Growing up in Alaska I'm always surprised by the prices.

 I always loved buying flowers and wished that I would have been able to get some flowers to go home with me!
 She stopped and looked at all the art that was there.  We did buy her some from a local artist that did some AWESOME whale prints.
Outside the first ever Starbucks store.  There was a huge line so we just took a picture with the sign. 

 Talk about a calf and thigh burner!

 SPACE NEEDLE!!!  This is what Kennedie was most looking forward too.  We were planning on going up, but when we arrived at 2 the line was SO LONG and we would have to wait in line for 2 hours and we didn't have that kind of time.
 So we went into the gift shop got some things and went outside and took pictures with it.
 And I had a cute little photobomber!
 I also had no idea there was a troll under a bridge!  So we had to stop and find it.

 We came back from the Space Needle to go toward the water for dinner.  Our favorite seafood restaurant is called "Elliot's Oyster Bar".  And because I'm a proud Alaskan I had to take a picture of the street it's on.

 While I'm actually surprised they had a "Kennedy" at all - she will never be able to find one with her spelling.  Sorry girl!

 Eating dinner at Elliot's!!
 After Elliot's we headed to the airport to return the rental van and check our bags.
 She did NOT want to share her shoulder! :)
 She is typically not a daddy's girl so when they do this it makes my heart melt!
I got up for a leg stretch and saw this.  So cute!

We had so much fun on our vacation and I hope my kids have the memories from it to last a lifetime!  We love exploring our country and seeing just what makes America "Merica!".