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Monday, September 11, 2017

Grayton State Park

Grayton State Park Beach

I wish I would have gotten more pictures of this great beach!  We didn't camp here but we visited while we were staying at Twin Lakes Resort Campground in August.  The park is free admission and LOTS of room for everyone.  We didn't feel like everyone was on top of us.  When we went it was cooler and had been raining the days before, so the water was cool.

The 13 year old taking a break from boogie boarding.

He loves to be buried!

This park had a smaller parking lot was small, we got there around 10 and it was almost full (on a Saturday morning).  There is a building with showers outside to rinse off, bathrooms, and some trash and recycling bins.

This is how two Alaskan born girls hang out in the sun! Under the shade!

Overall this was a great beach and we will return as it is a quick 3 hour trip from our house!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Blue Springs State Park - Blue Springs, Alabama


We had found out about this park a few months ago when we visited another springs.  Everyone we heard had gone had had a BLAST.  We were supposed to leave Friday and stay until Monday.  That didn't happen.  We were going to forego the entire trip, but my BFF texted Sunday morning at 8am (because honestly we were just going to do a moms and kids trip to get them out of the house and enjoy the long weekend, because they were disappointed about not going camping.)  Once my husband heard that was the plan, we rallied the troops and got everything packed up and into the camper. We left not knowing if we wanted to stay the night or not but packed enough food for the possibility.  My BFF had thought she was going to just go up and come back home the same day, so she was NOT prepared for the decision she made later! :P  Once they made it to our house we made it to Blue Springs by noon AL time.  If you have urgent calls you are waiting on this is NOT the place to come.  Cell Service was BAD! I had Verizon 1x almost the entire time.
Their spots are about $25 a night with a one time $3 fee attached to your first night.
Entrance to the park.  It sneaks up on you we almost missed it.

The sweet older lady that was at the entrance was the sweetest little thing.  We showed up with a truck and trailer and an SUV full of kids.  She told us to just go and find a spot and then come back and let her know what spot we picked and we could pay then.  If you do decide to go, their internet/card machine was down so it was cash or checks only.  Bring a check incase you need one.  Thankfully I usually have a book in my purse.

Armed with a map we were driving to our spot.

My friend almost rented a cabin to stay in because they were only $86 for the night, but you have to bring your own linens and things and we didn't have ANY of that.

Found a great spot and backed it in!
TIP: Bring a big spray bottle of bug spray.  Both for the ground and for yourselves.  Mosquitos and ants are BAD.  Thankfully I had thought to toss the one we use around the perimeter of our house into the back of the truck.  My husband went around the camper and where the kids would be walking around towards the table and the fire pit and got rid of most of the ants.  I did forget the citronella candles though. DUH!  The spot we paid for was for water/electric - it was more expensive for a spot that had sewer with it. They do offer a dump station near the bathhouse so we were good with that.

This state park is a blast from the past.  Look at all these awesome play ground equipment from when we grew up!

We got the trailer all set up and changed into our suits and loaded up the coolers.  One thing I will point out is that there are signs ALL OVER that there is no Alcoholic beverages allowed in the springs.  You can drink all you want in the campground but not near the springs.

The middle section of the springs.

And the 3rd section.
They have some paddle boats available for rent.  I didn't ask how much though.

The bathroom is in that building for the springs, I didn't take a picture of the great park they had there. Our kids kept going back and forth between the playground and the springs. 

My sweet 8 year old in the water.  It was FREEZING but that didn't stop him!

If you guys don't have full face snorkels and do a good amount of snorkeling (our family LOVES IT!) they are the thing to have!  We brought our 4 and the kids and my husband took turns searching the bottoms of the springs for things people lost.  My husband actually helped an older lady find her RX glasses she lost while she was in the springs.

My 13 year old kept going in and out of the water.  She is never far without her paints, or art supplies.  One thing we DID forget was a book, so without internet service or cell service she got bored a little bit.

There was a great cement picnic table at each campsite.  Brushed the leaves off of it and ate all our meals on it. 6 kids and 3 adults (my BFF's husband wanted to sleep his birthday party off Sunday morning, and then was kicking himself when they decided to stay and how much of a blast it was!)
Earlier the BFF decided to stay and make a night of it.  We had to run to the next town to find a Dollar General.  It's important to know that Gas, Groceries and cell service is 6 miles away in Clio.  We drove to Clio before dinner to get some more hot dogs (I only brought enough dinner for my family), eggs, bread, a pack of tshirts for them to sleep in, and 3 blankets.  We had some games, cards, baseballs/gloves/bat, art supplies, BB gun, so we picked up football and another pack of paper because we STILL haven't gotten that TV installed in our trailer.  It was great watching them unplug for 48 hours.  But I will tell you it stressed them out when they first found out there was no internet/cell service and how they would "entertain themselves".  They now can't WAIT to return.

BFF and my husband searching for marshmallow roasting sticks.  In my haste to get out the door I forgot our collapsible metal ones.

He really did great being surrounded by 6 kids and 2 wives!

Our babies roasting marshmallows!

The bonfire still had some embers in it from the night before the kids were determined to revive it.  They all gathered as many sticks as they could. 


He loves shooting that BB Gun.

Another view of the playground and our spot.

Because you know the girl life ;).  She said "I really wish I had brought a book!"

Anyone that knows me knows I can't WAIT for Christmas to come around again.  I can be seen reading Christmas books year round!

My husband and his "sister wives" We joke that BFF's husband is our "brother husband".  We love traveling and being a family and we are grateful that the Army brought these two families together.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Masquerade Dance Competitions Nationals - Fort Walton Beach, FL 2017

Masquerade Dance Nationals 2017

We left our house at 6am Georgia Time.  It takes 3 and a half hours to get to Fort Walton Beach from our house.  Ready to start our day with our morning Spark!

When we arrived at 830 Florida time we went straight to the venue to watch our team compete their small group numbers.  Man was it hot!  I made us shirts for the occasion that I wish I would have gotten a picture of us in!  They had a picture of a manatee and said "save the chubby mermaids".
I got this great collapsible wagon for my birthday - it came in super handy!
When I got there I was able to get a spot up front to the left of the stage.  I got a chair from the end of our row (which if you had sat there you would have not seen much of the stage) and propped my feet up.  I have degenerative disc disease so sitting with my feet not propped would have reeked havoc on my back and I would have been worthless that evening.
After we ended the day at the venue - we headed to our motel and changed and packed for the beach.  We got there around 5 and left at about 7 and headed to a grocery store to get some snacks and breakfast/lunch/dinner foods to eat in our motel room. There was NO ONE at the beach while we were there so it was super nice! 
My daughter doesn't go far without some sort of art supply.  She brought her easel, some paints, brushes and a canvas with her.  She set up at the beach and had this nice little seagull pose for her.
She is a very talented artist.
Day 2! 
It was her turn to dance this day!  Here she is ready for her first number!  We were fortunate that we got our own dressing room.  So our girls got to spread out and some room to move and get comfortable, because there is always lots of WAITING!

Musical Theater "On Broadway" - Musical Theater is one of her favorite genre's.
This is production she was a mechanical doll.  It was a great piece!  A vintage circus theme!

Her jazz piece was a compilation of songs from "Little Mix".  This one was my favorite dance!

Day 3!
"Little Mix" made it to the finals!  We thought we would get a full day at the beach but they lucked out and had to compete on Friday as well!  We were so proud of our Alpha Team!!!  We did a little tourist shopping before we had to be at the venue at 11.  We tried to get to the venue as early as we were allowed because we wanted decent seats and we knew that there would be a horrible line!

So proud of my baby girl!!  Thankfully we were able to get the same exact seats we had been in days prior.  It was awesome to be right upfront with all my dance mom pals supporting our girls!

I picked this one of her team because it was blurry!  Wanted to make sure I respected their privacy.  This team really pulled through and made the rest of their team as a whole proud!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Twin Lakes Resort Camp


We recently just traveled to DeFuniak Springs, FL and we reserved a spot only a few weeks prior at Twin Lakes Camp Resort.  Yup you read that right in the SUMMER we were able to find a spot at a campground in Florida spur of the moment! (This a lesson we are unfortunately learning in the first summer of owning our own travel trailer. You have to reserve a spot sometimes a YEAR in advance! UGH!) (I didn't realize how bad quality my cell phone pictures would turn out on this post - so I apologize in advance!)

My kids love learning how to hook up and set up the trailer.  Which is nice for me because sometimes my husband might take them without me to visit family. I'm hoping to get my 13 year old good enough to back him up to the trailer.

We were given the spots in the H section - which is right as you come in and we were right across from the country store. The couple from Canada next to us shared this awesome deck and really long picnic table.  You can see the lake behind them. Kids under 16 can fish for free in FL, so we ended up having to go to Wal-Mart and get my son a fishing pole. (No my daughter isn't wearing winter headgear.  They are headphones that you don't have to stick in your ears :P ) 

Waiting for our friends to show up so we could start grilling dinner!

Another shot of the deck.

Their pool was HUGE, my son enjoyed going into it.  (I realize now that I have a TON of pictures of my 8 year old - apparently the 13 year old was playing the sullen teenager card all weekend!)

We made a trip to Ponce de Leon Springs State Park that is right in DeFuniak Springs.  The water was FREEZING! But this daredevil and my husband seemed to really like it!

He loves being the center of attention!

Another view of the deck.

I took these from our spot the morning we left.  This is the country store where you would check in - and they have a variety of "oh no I forgot to bring this" RV supplies.

This building right next door to the store is the Activity Center and the Bathrooms/showers.  The first part is the Activity Center and the part with the V part in the roof is the Bathrooms/showers.  There is a walkway between the store and this building that leads you to the swimming pool which is directly behind this building.

They have a few of these fields, just open places for kids to run around, play ball...There was one right behind us as well.
Their bathrooms are dual purpose.  They have (I believe) 4 of these for everyone to use. (also in the bathhouse is the washer/dryer if you needed one)

Just another view of the bathroom/shower

The gate that has a code on it. 

My husband thought this was an awesome work truck.

We left at 11am at checkout time.  WHEW it was hot!

This was a GREAT campground and we loved our weekend stay there. The cost was VERY reasonable at around $50 per night. The campground was small, but the camp hosts were super friendly, the property was BEAUTIFUL with it being surrounded by water (which is unswimable but that's ok), VERY clean and very well kept.  They also provided cable TV, which was a bummer for us because we haven't had a chance to hook up the TV we bought for the trailer yet, so we just kept hooked up to their WIFI and my kids watched movies on there Ipad/Iphone's at night.  This will definitely be a spot we return too. We wished they had offered military discount but they DO offer a Good Sam discount and we can get a discount card for free with Good Sam while my husband is active duty.  So I'm working on getting them the correct information to make that happen.