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I'm an army wife, working mom of 2 kids, and a dancer for fun! My husband Tim works the at the combatives school here on fort benning. I work for MWR at Outdoor Recreation as their admin assistant...I absolutely LOVE my job I couldn't have found anything better! My daughter, Kennedie, was born in January of 04 and our son, Cale, was born June of 09 - that's right they are 5 and a half years apart! Kennedie is VERY involved in dancing. Cale is well on his way to become a fighter - daddy is already working on his punching and kicking techniques! This blog started out as a recipe sharing venture but now it's going to turn into a more "granola" way to live. Cheap recipes more homemade recipes and repurposing things. I'm a crafter at heart so i'm going to throw some of that in their too!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunny Delight Shake!

So I'm a total lush when it comes to Sunny Delight.  I had an unhealthy obsession with it when I was pregnant with my son.  I would get the 2 liter bottle and drink one about every three days - took it to work in a water bottle.  Yeah it was bad...I gave it up for lent last year and I JUST started to drink it again.

Anyway I digress, I also love dreamsicle smoothies.  So why not combine the two.  Just use Sunny D, vanilla ice cream and vanilla extract - make a smoothie and WALA!

My daughter doesn't think it's a smoothie without the cream on the top (but no cherry of course) I found the cool whip on sale at the commissary for $1.00 so I spoiled her a little bit.
 Also these cups are from tupperware - they are AWESOME.  They are virtually spill proof.  We have taken them on several car trips and they are great.  You can fill them with what you want before hand, in my daughters case she is a milk drinker so we filled 2 of them with milk.  Then just pack a straw or two and when you are ready to drink them just put the straw in.  They are fairly inexpensive too.  We also used these when we were at the beach - no more sand in our drinks!

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