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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ORGANIZING your Jewlery

I don't know if you are like me at all but, I don't own alot of jewelry.  Or maybe you DO own alot and need a way to organize it all!  I have found with our new move to texas that we lost alot of storage in our bathrooms (namely drawers and counter space)  so I was forced to have to make shelving outside the bathroom work.  I have a few peices that I bought from a direct selling company Initial Outfitters - they come in GREAT organza bags so they are easy to spot what's on the inside - some of my other stuff was starting to get tangled in the plastic container I was keeping it all together in.  I remembered I just got a "grab box" from www.pickyourplum.com and it had these GREAT muslin bags in it.  LIGHT BULB!  I found my iron on printable fabric, and got to work taking pictures of what I was going to store in each bag.  I put two pictures per each 4x6 printable fabric. 

I then cut the white border off-and ironed them onto my muslin bags.

 Once it was ironed on, I went and put in all the corresponding jewlery.  Now all my jewelry is at a glace and I can pick out exactly what I want to wear and it won't be tangled!


  1. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)


  2. thanks Jen - I stumbled upon your blog and check it almost daily for some more insight! if you look farther down in my blog I mention you!