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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

make it yourself gel ice packs

 This is a pretty easy process.  The above is what you need to make this happen.  (what didn't make it into the picture was my packaging tape)  The bottle was full before I made my first bag - so it takes about half a bottle to make one gel pack.  I had a coupon for .40 off this bottle so I got it for a little less than $2.00.  Basically all you do is fill up the baggie about half way up with the detergent, zip close, fold down the zipper part and tape shut with the packing tape and then I reinforced that tape with another piece of tape.  I then put it into another bag and popped in the freezer over night.  (it was starting to turn this mint green about an hour after I put it in there though so I don't think it would take overnight for this to be complete.)
This is what it looks like all frozen.  It's pretty pliable and I think my husband will like it for his knee tonight!

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