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Monday, August 6, 2012

refunctioning my storage

It's sad to admit that THIS is what my old storage became.  During our move some of the end posts that attach the metal together got lost.  So it never was put back together properly.  Then my daughter decided to use the "shelf" as a step to look out the window (to see if she heard that ice cream truck or not) and it came crashing down.

I decided I would take crates and tie them together!  It was also a good time to purge some un-needed clothes!

These lovely ones even snapped together!

 My cute little bow!  Matches the color of my room PERFECTLY!
 It wasn't so sturdy when i tried to pick it up and move it into place so I added these ties on the side!
All finished and with LESS clothes than before! One side for me and one side for my honey!  Total price for the project UNDER $30.

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