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Thursday, January 31, 2013

3M hooks are the BOMB!

My husband and myself split kid drop off in the mornings.  I work at 5:30 am and drop my daughter off at 5:15 at her before school care program, and head to work.  My husband takes our son to daycare by 5:45, and then is off doing his Army thing.  I try to help him out in the morning and have my son's clothes laid out.  I have been using this great 31 organizer and hanging it on the door knob, but it kept falling off, or my son would take it off and throw the clothes out.
I've been having a love affair with the 3M hooks and using them for EVERYTHING!  I figured out DUH put on on his door where he can't reach and hang it up at night when I fill up the bag.  He can't reach and Dad can just grab it when he wakes him up!

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