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I'm an army wife, working mom of 2 kids, and a dancer for fun! My husband Tim works the at the combatives school here on fort benning. I work for MWR at Outdoor Recreation as their admin assistant...I absolutely LOVE my job I couldn't have found anything better! My daughter, Kennedie, was born in January of 04 and our son, Cale, was born June of 09 - that's right they are 5 and a half years apart! Kennedie is VERY involved in dancing. Cale is well on his way to become a fighter - daddy is already working on his punching and kicking techniques! This blog started out as a recipe sharing venture but now it's going to turn into a more "granola" way to live. Cheap recipes more homemade recipes and repurposing things. I'm a crafter at heart so i'm going to throw some of that in their too!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don't throw it out yet!

I have a three and a half year old son.  It goes without saying stuff gets destroyed because he just don't care.  I've had this two drawer cabinet for about 4 years now.  It currently is in my craft room/kid tv room holding the tv and DVD's (in the drawers).  Obviously my terror of a 3 year old tore the front of the drawer off.  Thinking all was lost I was about to toss it and find another way to display the tv. 
 I realized I was given a pre-made gift basket for christmas from some good friends and I SAVED that basket because it was a great basket.  I didn't have a purpose for it when I orginally saved it from the trash pile.  TODAY it found it's home, I was worried it wasn't going to fit but it works perfectly!  It will be easy to take off those white track's where the drawers used to be, and WAY to easy to spray paint BRIGHT GREEN!

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