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Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Rhinestoning!

We had to rhinestone a dance costume for a competition two weeks ago.  Our last dance studio owner ALWAYS did the rhinestoning herself.  So I had NO CLUE it was this flippin easy!  She used E6000 glue to attach the stones.  If you have ever used it, it STINKS really bad.  I was under the impression that is what we were going to be using, UNTIL a dance mom pulled out this FANCY heat tool and began picking up the stones and placing them on the costume.  SAY WHAT!?
I had to get more information - I NEEDED this tool.  I found it on Amazon for $11.50 (with free shipping, they also have a different brand at hobby lobby for $14.99 and you could use your 40% coupon) they also have heat-fix rhinesontes in that same section at hobby lobby which is where I started buying them.  Depending on the size you get 32-64 stones for $2.99 a sheet.  If you really want to get into this.  Which I think I do, purchase bigger quantities on Amazon.  It's a better deal.
I used my Silhouette Cameo to make the rhinestone template.  I've also seen that you can purchase these premade (and can be reused if you use transfer tape and your iron to heat them up) you'll just need to search on the internet for them.  You can buy the templates through the SIL store - they can't be resized as they are stone ready and will mess up how you place your stones.  You'll notice those pink stones don't really fill out the circle like the crystal stones,  the template askes for 16SS (size of stone) for that outer circle and I didn't have enough of that size, so I placed 12SS in it's place. 
You just basically place your stones and heat it up with the tool, you hold it there for about 15 seconds and then let it cool down for it to be permanent.

 Some of them dont heat up like they should so I made sure to go back over with my finger and try to move EACH stone - I got a few to "flick" off too easy so I reheated it, I went around probably 3 different times until I couldn't get ANY to move.  This took me about an hour - but when you are just watching TV you don't really notice!

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