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Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY stair stepping shelf

I started a tradition of making my children special birthday hats.  Until yesterday they hadn't been displayed in our new Texas home because I just don't have enough wall space like I did in Georgia.
 I made this GREAT display peice so you can see them all.  I got a $2.44 2x4 from home depot and you get 2 free cuts when you purchase it, so I had them cut it in 3 equal parts. It ended up being the perfect size...phew! 
I got some wood glue while I was there, once I got home, I glued two peices one on top of the other and waited about 2 hours for it to dry.  Then I glued the second peice right next to the bottom peice. They are pretty sturdy actually.  Primed and painted it to match (spray paint but of course!)
 I think it turned out to be a really cute and functional peice!  I might have to make another one just a BIT smaller to go on one of the shelves I display my turtle collection in, so you can see the turtles in the back!

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