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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose!

Remember this guy?

Isn't it so much better now?  I didn't need to prime the inside of this because I paid a little bit more for it to already be included in the spray paint I bought.  The black was the cheapy kind so I DID have to prime it before I sprayed it.  When I sprayed the black I had it laying on it's open end so I didn't get any of the black inside.  I hand painted the open edge their so I didn't have to tape anything off. 
If you notice I have this contact paper EVERYWHERE in my house.  This was the last of it.  I did a light spray of clear modge podge (did you know they make spray paint style modge podge?  I didn't until a few months ago, it's AWESOME!) on the top so it would seal it and it wouldn't scratch as easily.  I also sprayed the basket black and it was still drying as I was taking this picture.
Doesn't this look SO MUCH BETTER?
I really need to touch up that dresser next to this - it was damaged in our move!

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