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Friday, August 25, 2017

Twin Lakes Resort Camp


We recently just traveled to DeFuniak Springs, FL and we reserved a spot only a few weeks prior at Twin Lakes Camp Resort.  Yup you read that right in the SUMMER we were able to find a spot at a campground in Florida spur of the moment! (This a lesson we are unfortunately learning in the first summer of owning our own travel trailer. You have to reserve a spot sometimes a YEAR in advance! UGH!) (I didn't realize how bad quality my cell phone pictures would turn out on this post - so I apologize in advance!)

My kids love learning how to hook up and set up the trailer.  Which is nice for me because sometimes my husband might take them without me to visit family. I'm hoping to get my 13 year old good enough to back him up to the trailer.

We were given the spots in the H section - which is right as you come in and we were right across from the country store. The couple from Canada next to us shared this awesome deck and really long picnic table.  You can see the lake behind them. Kids under 16 can fish for free in FL, so we ended up having to go to Wal-Mart and get my son a fishing pole. (No my daughter isn't wearing winter headgear.  They are headphones that you don't have to stick in your ears :P ) 

Waiting for our friends to show up so we could start grilling dinner!

Another shot of the deck.

Their pool was HUGE, my son enjoyed going into it.  (I realize now that I have a TON of pictures of my 8 year old - apparently the 13 year old was playing the sullen teenager card all weekend!)

We made a trip to Ponce de Leon Springs State Park that is right in DeFuniak Springs.  The water was FREEZING! But this daredevil and my husband seemed to really like it!

He loves being the center of attention!

Another view of the deck.

I took these from our spot the morning we left.  This is the country store where you would check in - and they have a variety of "oh no I forgot to bring this" RV supplies.

This building right next door to the store is the Activity Center and the Bathrooms/showers.  The first part is the Activity Center and the part with the V part in the roof is the Bathrooms/showers.  There is a walkway between the store and this building that leads you to the swimming pool which is directly behind this building.

They have a few of these fields, just open places for kids to run around, play ball...There was one right behind us as well.
Their bathrooms are dual purpose.  They have (I believe) 4 of these for everyone to use. (also in the bathhouse is the washer/dryer if you needed one)

Just another view of the bathroom/shower

The gate that has a code on it. 

My husband thought this was an awesome work truck.

We left at 11am at checkout time.  WHEW it was hot!

This was a GREAT campground and we loved our weekend stay there. The cost was VERY reasonable at around $50 per night. The campground was small, but the camp hosts were super friendly, the property was BEAUTIFUL with it being surrounded by water (which is unswimable but that's ok), VERY clean and very well kept.  They also provided cable TV, which was a bummer for us because we haven't had a chance to hook up the TV we bought for the trailer yet, so we just kept hooked up to their WIFI and my kids watched movies on there Ipad/Iphone's at night.  This will definitely be a spot we return too. We wished they had offered military discount but they DO offer a Good Sam discount and we can get a discount card for free with Good Sam while my husband is active duty.  So I'm working on getting them the correct information to make that happen.

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