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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Alaska Vacation - Arrival and Day 1!!

My 20 year high school reunion was last week!!  My family hasn't been to Alaska (where I was born and raised) since 2011.  Tim hasn't been back since we moved from there back in 2003, 2 months after we were married!

In the car and ready to go for the hour and a half drive to the Atlanta Airport!
On the tram to our terminal!
Waiting to board our plane!
I've never had an issue with seat assignments when purchasing through Travelocity.  But the tickets I chose on Delta through them gave all of us middle seats.  The lady at the counter told us that it was because we purchased "economy basic" those ALWAYS get middle seats.  They couldn't move us around because the flight was full and the passengers that were in the aisle and window seats paid extra money for them.  We were hoping someone might offer to switch with at least Cale so he could sit near one of us but it ended up not being too huge of an issue.
Kennedie was right behind me!
The lady in the window seat offered to switch with Cale so he could look out the window.
Kennedie hates take off and landing so usually she will hold either Tim's or my hand (whoever she is sitting with) but since she was behind me I had to break my arm through the seat to hold it!
We used the Delta GoGo entertainment app again and I watched "Sound of Music" during the flight.
Cale refused to sleep on the flight into Seattle.  So he crashed and burned on the hour long layover in Seattle.
Finally got to sit together on the flight to Anchorage.  Tim sat across the aisle!

We got into Anchorage at 130am Saturday morning (which was 530am Atlanta time!) so we took a quick powernap and woke up at 530ish.  While we were waiting for our baggage the night before I picked up some of the tourism magazines to make sure that we hit all the new fun stuff that has popped up that I don't know about!  So Cale begrudgingly woke up and was circling stuff that looked interesting to him.
Then he went right back to sleep on the couch.
We went to pick my mom up down the road (we stayed at a family friends house that had room for all of us) and went to Denny's for breakfast.  Kennedie ordered grits - but they came out with mashed potato consistency.  #southerngirlproblems
I refused to eat out every night we were in town (mostly because Alaska is a tourist trap in the summer so everything is EXPENSIVE!).  So we went to the commissary and got a couple nights worth of dinners, lunches, breakfasts, case of water and some veggie drinks for Tim.
We came back to the house I grew up in, I should note that I haven't been back to this house since 2011 and my dad was still alive.  I found this note that he left when I was still living there, made me smile.
My mom was dog sitting my niece's dog so Tim was snuggling with her.
We went to the famous "Moose's Tooth" pizza.  This place is delicious and ALWAYS busy!
Apparently my mom had no clue to smile when I said "1,2,3 cheese!"
He said the pizza was delicious!!!
Then we went to Dave and Busters for dinner and met with my nephews.  It was in the mall where I used to work at this Gap Kids.
Cale said he has never been to a Dave and Busters - so he was PUMPED!

Sunday we went to Church with my mom.

Outside the church.
We went to Alaska Wild Berry products so Kennedie could see the chocolate waterfall.

Cale had a friend move away recently and her nickname is "Moose" so he took every picture of every moose he could to send to her!

Time change was kicking her butt!
Grandma offered to buy them each an Alaska shirt and he wanted a hat instead.  He wore this almost every day of the trip!
He loves helping my mom, always opening the door for her to get in, getting her scooter walker in and out of the car when she needs it...she'll miss his red carpet treatment when he is gone!
This is a "Rock Man" - the Eskimos used for hunting and navigating purposes.

Then I just started driving around.  We drove toward the place where Tim and me met 17 years ago.  Yes we met in a bar - I never thought I would say I met my husband in a BAR, but yes that's my story and I'm proud of it.
This is the actual dance floor where I motioned for him to come and dance with me, apparently my "come hither" eyes weren't working and I was frustrated so I pointed at him and told him to come to me.
Months later on the second floor of the bar on this corner is where he told me he loved me for the first time!
Then he wanted to check a box on his "Alaska Bucket List" - a beer and salmon spread from Humpy's.

The salmon spread is SO GOOD!
We went back to my mom's house and I showed Cale the creek that flows between our street, and that I used to play around it in the summer time with my friends.  Also I did a lot of "thinking" on a rock that sits right there.
Of course these goobers had to get in and see just how cold it was.  They said it's so cold it stings and is WAY colder than the springs they get into!  (It's over grown but the "thinking rock" is what Tim is holding on to)

My house is right behind me and the creek is right where the white van is parked.  ALOT of our summers were focused around that creek.  We even fished in the creek and caught little minnow's.
The house I grew up in.  When I was growing up there were two HUGE trees that covered the house - so it was strange to see them gone.
My niece finally got back from her fishing trip and came over, her daughter is 7 and is the same height as Cale.  They became FAST friends and it was great for them to get to know each other!

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