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Thursday, February 2, 2012

easy peasy deviled eggs!

Here is the quickest, easiest way and cleanest way to make deviled eggs!

First you would obviously boil your eggs and shell them.  Once you have them shelled and cut in half - place all the yolks in your gallon ziploc bag.  Add the normal ingredients you would to your deviled eggs.  Then proceed to SMASH the contents of the bag together.  Use your fingers to break up the yolks and mix everything together.  I don't mind my yolk mix a little lumpy.  If you have to have smooth middles this is NOT a tutorial for you!
Once you have everything to the consistency and taste you prefer it cut the tip of the bag - 
 Then squeeze in your yolk centers like you would if you were decorating a cake.

 Here is the best part - THROW YOUR MESS IN THE TRASH!  No bowls to clean, no beaters to clean, and no counter to clean.  It's just the best thing since sliced bread!

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  1. Foi bastante interessante para mim ler este blog. Obrigado por isso. Eu gosto de temas e qualquer coisa ligada a eles. Eu definitivamente quero ler um pouco mais cedo.