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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dollar tree Collage Wall

I used to have my childrens art displayed in our Georgia home in our Computer/Kid TV room.  I LOVED it there.  Totally brighted up the space and made it theirs.  I didn't have alot of extra wall space to put them in our Texas home.  So they sat in a closet until recently - waiting to be put back up.
(Sorry these pictures are so HORRIBLE. By lighting in my house is not that great and I worried that the flash on my phone would bounce off the frames and make it so you couldn't tell what i was taking a picture of.)  I found that Dollar Tree had plain flat fronted frames.  I bought 5 to begin with to see if I even liked where I was imagining putting them.

I LOVED how they looked.  I went out the next day to buy more.  My daughter has two great 11x17 peices that HAD to be on the wall - so I had to go and buy 2 frames from Hobby Lobby that were normally $14.99 but I hit them on the right day and they were 50% off.  I didn't feel so bad paying for them.  I hung them up with the 3M picture hanging velcro like removable tabs that I LOVE so much.  I definetly wouldn't have gotten them as straight as I did and as even as I did without them.

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